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Founded in 1965, ECIS (the Educational Collaborative for International Schools) is a non-profit global membership organisation. 

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Hear from Tanglin Trust School

In this Q&A you will hear from Christopher Blake, Applications Manager at Tanglin Trust School about their experiences of using iSAMS.

Connect your school with a flexible, fully integrated and reassuringly secure system.


Powerful, cloud-based SIS

A powerful, modern school management information system you can build and shape to meet every need for your school. Available in French, Spanish, English and Simplified Chinese. 100% cloud-based, intuitive and easy to use with multiple third-party API integrations available. 

iSAMS Finance

Integrated, cloud-based Finance

A full accounting system designed to bring together administrative and fee billing elements within a cloud-based environment to help eliminate unnecessary duplication of work and reduce costly mistakes.

Paperless, cloud-based Admissions

An online admissions solution that facilitates a more efficient admissions process for your school, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and fully automating your record-keeping.

iSAMS Admissions

Self-service, cloud-based HR

A comprehensive and scalable self-service HR tool that strips away repetitive admin and helps HR staff and teachers alike to focus on what really matters

Pivotal, cloud-based Reporting

Consolidating data from multiple sources in real-time and transforming it into user-friendly dashboards, complete with pioneering analytics, to enable impactful decision making and stronger performance, track and monitor student attendance, attainment, behaviour and safeguarding at your school.

iSAMS Central

Pastoral care with Student Wellbeing monitoring

Student wellbeing issues often manifest in behavioural changes, however, identifying subtle changes in behaviour for students can be a huge challenge for school staff. That’s where our Wellbeing Manager comes in.

Improved Engagement with mobile Apps

A suite of multilingual iOS and Android apps to ensure teachers, students and parents can access important information and complete tasks at any time, on any mobile device. Available in 10 languages.

iSAMS Mobile Apps

iSAMS connects every area of school life to transform your way of working


Support the foundation of your academics with the right tools. Everything from timetabling to student tracking.


Streamline and automate core administrative processes to save your staff members' time.


Manage new applications with powerful, paperless processes and fully automate your record-keeping.


Enhance communications to increase engagement throughout your school community.


Improve the efficiency of your financial planning and reporting with an integrated accounting system.


A comprehensive (cloud-based) self-service HR solution, fully integrated with iFinance and the iSAMS MIS.


Use powerful reporting tools to gain better insights and support future planning.


iSAMS Payments offers a quick and secure way for parents to pay fees and invoices.

Begin your transformation today. Connect your school with a flexible, fully integrated and reassuringly secure system.


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Meet our Enterprise Partners

Enable third-party vendors to connect directly to the iSAMS API, helping your school to bring together disparate systems into a single controlled database.