In July 2021 education was the most affected industry, encountering almost 64% of all malware attacks, or more than 6.2 million incidents.

*Microsoft Security Intelligence

Sarah Armstrong-Smith

Keynote Speaker:

Sarah Armstrong-Smith - Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft.

In this free webinar, we ran through common cyber scams in schools and provided real-life examples of schools that have been impacted, plus Sarah offered unique insight into how schools can go about avoiding these security threats. 

In addition to this on-demand recording, you will also receive a free guide summarising these insights to share with your colleagues to assist in implementing these techniques to protect your school's data.

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According to the poll we conducted, more than 83% of attendees had experienced some form of cyberattack, highlighting the importance of the topic. Don't get caught out. Get unique insights into how schools can go about avoiding these security threats.

Computer technology and software have become inexorably linked with the day to day running of schools. From a parent sending an enquiry having their child accepted and paying school fees, to teachers taking the register and students completing homework, technology touches almost every aspect of school life.

Hackers and cybercriminals appear to be increasingly turning away from larger organisations in favour of targeting smaller institutions – seen as low hanging fruit - that may be less well equipped to deal with a scam or hacking attempt. 

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